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Below is a list of frequently asked questions. We hope that your questions will also be answered. Should you require further information, we would be happy to hear from you. Please contact us.


Thank you very much for your interest! We really appreciate it!

Simply register for our webshop. After completing and submitting this form, you will receive an e-mail containing your customer number and login code for the webshop within 1 working day.

The latest order time and postage limit depends on your preferred carrier.  An up-to-date overview of these can be found on our delivery page or in the webshop.

A clear description of our savings system is explained in the webshop in the menu “my profile” and then “bonus points”. If it is still not completely clear after reading this explanation, you can always ask our service desk staff to explain it in more detail. You can also check your current loyalty point balance in the shop.


This is possible. We can set up your account for collective billing which means you will receive an invoice every Friday with all orders from the previous week. Please contact us and we will set this up.

You will receive your invoices via e-mail by default. You can have the e-mail address it is sent to changed to any e-mail address you like. If you have not received one, you can log into the shop and find all invoices in the “my profile” menu.

To set up direct debit, you need to fill in a form and send it to us and your bank. You can request these forms at


This depends on the shipping method. In the webshop, you will see the exact shipping costs for your shipment in your shopping basket. It also indicates the amount above which the shipment will be delivered postage paid. Are you curious about the possibilities? Visit our webshop or contact us.

You can easily check whether your location falls within the range of our delivery route on our page on delivery methods. Should there be more requests in your area, we will consider a new route to your area. (Tip: many customers have parcels delivered to acquaintances who do fall within the area and pick up the goods there themselves). Parcels can of course always be delivered by DHL.

To use overnight delivery, you need an “overnight depot”. In other words, a place where the parcel deliverer can leave your order overnight. This could be a tyre container or a locked loft or crate on your premises. Enabling night delivery? It’s pretty easy to arrange, just contact us for further handling or questions.

Yes, that is possible. You can choose “dropshipment” as a shipping method in the webshop. We will then send your parcel without a packing slip and with blank tape.

Returning goods

Returns: We are happy to help – check the terms and conditions and how to register a return.

Once a return has been collected from you, it will be delivered to us within 24/48 hours. We aim to process returns, once delivered to us, within 5 working days.

At Molco Car Parts we apply our suppliers’ standard warranty periods. In many cases, this is 2 years as standard (with the exception of electrical parts). Our own brands Palidium and Ashuki come with a standard 3-year warranty! Except electrical parts 1 year and turbochargers 2 years.

Read our warranty terms and conditions and how to register an item here.


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