All your favourite brands for car parts

available from stock, at very competitive prices.

Molco Car Parts product range covers more than 11,00,000 parts spread across more than 600 article groups and over 250 brands.

Are you looking for original parts, parts from well-known aftermarket brands or do you prefer one of our own brands Ashuki or Palidium? You can find it all at Molco Car Parts.

In our webshop, you will find the parts you need. We distinguish ourselves through low sales prices. Molco Car Parts is on average 30% cheaper than other suppliers.

Besides car parts, we can also provide customers with consumables and accessories. 

Are you looking for a cheap alternative without compromising on quality? Molco Car Parts is your partner if you are looking for extra margin.

Our own brands

High-quality parts, at affordable prices.

Molco Car Parts has been distributing the Ashuki by Palidium brand for more than 25 years. Started in 1995 as a brand specialised in windscreen wipers. Today, it has grown into a brand specialised in car parts for Japanese and Korean vehicles. An ever-increasing demand for parts for European vehicles resulted in the introduction of the brand Palidium in 2017. Palidium is our second own label through which we supply auto parts for European vehicles. We continue to expand the range of both Ashuki and Palidium so that we can increasingly provide our customers with high-quality parts, at affordable prices.

With 3-year warranty as standard


Car parts for Japanese and Korean vehicles


Car parts for European vehicles

Also, car parts from all your

favourite premium brands available from stock.

In addition to our own brands, Molco Car Parts also offers car parts and accessories from more than 200 well-known aftermarket brands. By building good relationships with manufacturers and suppliers and making clear agreements, we at Molco Car Parts know how to keep sales prices low. You will therefore not only get the best price for Ashuki and Palidium. You can also increase your margin when you choose parts from a well-known aftermarket brand!

Prefer an OE alternative?

When the highest quality is desired.

In some cases, our own brand or a well-known aftermarket brand does not meet customer demand. Therefore, at Molco Car Parts we also always have an OE alternative to choose from in the webshop.

How do we get all these parts to the car company as quickly as possible?


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Want to know more about our brands?

We will be happy to tell you more about it. Should you have any other questions, you can of course always contact us.

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